Why to choose GoWorkZone Coworking?

GoWorkZone is located in the heart of Bangalore city at Domlur (very close to Indiranagar and
Koramangala). From the Indiranagar metro station, the facility it is about 2.5 Kms and it is close to
many restaurants in and around Domlur and Indiranagar. The Founder and CEO of the company Mr.
Sundararaman is a mechanical engineer by profession and a well experienced leader in
Manufacturing and SCM domain.

The breakout space in the terrace is mind-blowing- has a full-fledged pantry, facilities for indoor
sports and a breakout space with sofa sets on the artificial grass. It is a beautiful place to relax and
refresh your mind to ease out the work stress.

Each private office has a white board, an independent air conditioner and storage facilities. Each
workstation is equipped with a LAN provision in order to achieve the highest speed in the internet.
The entire facility is CC camera controlled and it is a secured place. Also, the facility has a meeting
room and conference room. The rest rooms are maintained to the highest hygienic standards. Lifts
are sanitized at regular intervals. The internet speed is awesome with the backup lines. Printing
facility is also provided. Parking facilities are available. The facility can be your registered address.

Working at home can be boring and have a lot of disturbances. Getting out of the house and going to
a designated office space can help people to take the work seriously and keep them mentally and
physically fit. Most of the employees have the option to work from home, however the routine of an
office environment combined with the sense of belonging to a team and interacting face to face is
the perfect recipe for productivity. 

If you are looking for an office with a calm/ peaceful environment combined with the highest
standards of hygienic conditions and for an interrupted power supply / high speed internet with a
beautiful breakout space at an affordable price, then GoWorkZone is the best choice in Domlur,

It is time to get back to office- Call 9880485208, plan for a facility visit and plant your
company in GoWorkZone